Thinking outside the box

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1.       The earth isn’t almost exactly 6000 years old, nor is it even close to 5 billion years old.

2.       The position of the north pole has changed rapidly (hours) in the historical past.

3.       Light has slowed, significantly increasing the half-life of radioactive elements. (OR there has been some change in the dimension of time.)

4.       Jesus was not born in 4 B.C.

5.       Satan has been active in obfuscating the truth.

6.       The Bible, not Egypt, is the basis for ancient chronology and archaeological timeframes.

7.       Evolution has no basis in truth.

8.       The church established by Jesus Christ is the Roman Catholic Church.

9.       Very few seek the truth.

10.    Fewer still are educated enough to avoid serious mistakes in interpretation.

11.    Fewer still those that can think outside the box that our education / knowledge puts around what we know is true.

12.    Finding the truth requires perseverance and a continual willingness to evaluate what is known in the light of apparent contradictions.

13.    Most people regurgitate what they “know” without critical evaluation.

14.    Most Christians are salad-bar Christians picking and choosing what they will believe and obey. In Judges, this was condemned with the phrase “every man did what was right in his own eyes.”

15.    God is the source of much of the division we find in our world today.

16.    The Scriptures are often deliberately obscure.

17.    The seeker can often know what others are sure can’t be known.

18.    The gospel in the Scriptures is far more detailed than most are willing to acknowledge.

19.    God put many signs in the sky we can discover today because of creation’s order.

20.    Trials, suffering, and tribulation, is often a path to more effective ministry.